Daisy Miller
Henry James
Contributed by Bobbie Heil
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Chapter 3

Daisy glances over the lake toward the Chateau de Chillon -- a famous, ancient castle on the shore of Lake Geneva. She mentions that she very much wants to go see it, but she and her mother can’t find anyone to take care of Randolph for an afternoon, since their Italian guide and "courier," Eugenio, refuses to do it. Winterbourne suggests that he could take Daisy to see the castle. He adds that he means for her mother to come with them, too, because he believes that Daisy would think it terribly "improper" to go with him on a trip without a chaperone. But, strangely, this doesn’t even occur to Daisy. She remembers that her mother doesn’t really like to go sightseeing in the afternoon, and says that if she can get her mother and Eugenio to stay with Randolph, she and Winterbourne can go see the castle together on their own.

Winterbourne is extremely startled by this -- that Daisy suggests going on a day trip with him, alone, after knowing him only half an hour! But he is also delighted, for he is very much attracted to Daisy and likes the idea of spending several hours alone in her company. He is so pleased, he nearly loses his self-restraint and kisses her hand. Fortunately, before he can say or do anything "improper," Eugenio -- the Millers’ courier -- appears to call Daisy in to lunch. 

Daisy tells Eugenio that she is planning to see Chillon Castle with her new friend. Winterbourne doesn’t like the look Eugenio gives him -- it is a suspicious but amused look, as if Daisy is in the habit of "picking up" friends on the street. Daisy makes Winterbourne promise that he won’t back out of their arrangement, and asks him again to confirm that he’s really an American, and really staying in the hotel. Winterbourne, laughing, promises to introduce her to someone who can tell her all about him -- he is thinking of his aunt, whom he has come to Vevey to visit. Daisy agrees, saying, "Oh well, we’ll go some day," and accompanies Eugenio in to lunch. Winterbourne watches her walk down the path in her long skirts, holding her parasol, and thinks to himself that Daisy carries herself as beautifully as a princess.

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