Dandelion Wine
Ray Bradbury
Contributed by Loretta Ingwersen
Chapter 28

Walking with Tom and Charlie, Douglas wants to know what happened to happy endings in life. Tom opines that going to bed at night is a happy ending every day, but Douglas is talking about Bill Forrester and Miss Loomis, which made him bawl as he discovered the details. The boys arrive at the ice house, which they enter in silence. There they bask in the cold, chew icicles, and speak of the only person who lives in such cold: The Lonely One. Tom suddenly screams, but it’s only Charlie dropping some ice down his back.


Ice is a reminder of winter and mortality, but also a relief in the heat of summertime. This reinforces a sense of balance, that awareness of death is a way to better appreciate life. This interlude also sets up for the story of the Lonely One, as the boys’ visit of the icehouse is a metaphorical mirror of the readers entering the realm of death.

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