Dandelion Wine
Ray Bradbury
Contributed by Loretta Ingwersen
Chapter 30

Charlie tells Douglas and Tom that he’s upset the Lonely One has been killed by Lavinia Nebbs. Tom thinks that the man Lavinia Stabbed with her sewing scissors last night wasn’t the Lonely One, as he didn’t look like the Lonely Man, a legend who escaped capture for ten years. Instead, the body they saw being carried to an ambulance this morning looked like a man - a normal man. Therefore, he couldn’t have been the Lonely One. Douglas remains stunned, however as he was in the ravine last night, and seen Elizabeth Ramsell, and the lemonade glass Lavinia Nebbs had left on her porch.


Douglas and his brother again prove themselves as a Greek chorus, not only changing our understanding of the previous story - which left the reader (by mood and theme) to assume that Lavinia was murdered, not the murderer - but also wish the Lonely One back to life, if only in their imagination. In their wish for adventure and intrigue in their young lives, the boys want something quite dangerous to continue, in some ways unaware of the consequences. Douglas, however, is very much aware: he repeats that he was at the ravine during these events, and his closeness to actual death gives him pause.

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