Dandelion Wine
Ray Bradbury
Contributed by Loretta Ingwersen
Character Analysis
Douglas Spaulding 

A twelve-year-old boy who becomes aware of life and death over the course of the summer. 

Tom Spaulding 

Douglas’ ten-year-old brother, still safely ensconced in the confident naiveté of childhood. 

Grandfather Spaulding 

Douglas and Tom’s grandfather, who lives in the house next door, where they keep boarders. 

Grandmother Spaulding 

Douglas and Tom’s grandmother, who is able to cook with great skill. 

John Huff 

Douglas’ friend, who moves to Milwaukee mid-summer. 

Bill Forrester 

A young newspaperman and columnist who becomes involved in a near-romance with the considerably older Helen Loomis. 

Leo Auffmann 

The town jeweler and amateur inventor who seeks to create a Happiness Machine. 

Lena Auffmann 

The wife of Leo Auffmann who wishes to change his mind on the value of the Happiness Machine. 

Helen Bentley 

A widow in town who’s collection of reminders and souvenirs kept her stuck in the past. 

Colonel Freeleigh 

The so-called Time Machine who tells Douglas and his friends stories from his one hundred years of experience. 

Miss Fern 

The co-owner of the Green Machine, sister of Miss Roberta and Frank. 

Miss Roberta 

The co-owner of the Green Machine, sister of Miss Fern and Frank. 

Elmira Brown 

The clumsy wife of mailman Sam Brown, she is running for president of the Honeysuckle Ladies Lodge. 

Clara Goodwater 

The president of the Honeysuckle Ladies Lodge who Elmira Brown believes is a practitioner of black magic. 

Helen Loomis 

A town elder who develops a relationship with Bill Forrester in her final months of life. 

Lavinia Nebbs 

A neighbor of Miss Fern and Miss Roberta who faces the Lonely One. 

Lonely One 

The serial killer terrorizing the women of Green Town. 

Mr. Black 

The drunken proprietor of the arcade 

Ned Jonas 

The town junk man and eventual savior of Douglas. 

Aunt Rose 

A well-meaning but ultimately dangerous visitor of Grandmother Spaulding’s. 


Mother of Douglas and Tom. 


Father of Douglas and Tom 

Uncle Bert 

Douglas and Tom’s uncle. 

Mr. Sanderson 

The owner of the shoe store. 

Saul Auffmann 

Leo and Lena Auffmann’s oldest son 

Marshall Auffmann 

One of Leo and Lena’s children. 

Joseph Auffmann 

One of Leo and Lena’s children. 

Rebecca Auffmann 

One of Leo and Lena’s children. 

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