Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie
Contributed by Sharen Felty
Chapter 14

Poirot and Colonel Race are puzzled by the mystery surrounding Linnet’s death. The two detectives believe that someone is impersonating Jackie to pass her the blame for the murders. When Simon is questioned about possible suspects, he rules out Jackie and suggests that it could be related to family business. He goes further to give the name of Mr. Ferguson as the potential killer. Poirot also asks Simon whether Linnet had anything of value and Simon responds that she had valuable pearls. He says that robbery could also have been the motive of Linnet’s murder. The maid, Louise Bourget, is called to give her side of the story since she had been in close contact with the deceased.


The mystery surrounding the identity of the killer(s) continues. Although it was expected that Jackie would lead the assault against her former best friend, it appears the plot is at an anti-climax and suddenly, there are new intrigues relating to the murder. The questioning of whether Linnet had valuables shows that the detectives may think that the murder may have happened because of her wealth. Also, since Jackie had an alibi, other suspects are now being questioned hence the reason Mr. Ferguson has been mentioned. Simon is still ruling out Jackie and this indicates that he may be protecting her from something. One does not expect Simon to be protecting Jackie, especially since it is his wife who has been murdered.

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