Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie
Contributed by Sharen Felty
Chapter 15

Poirot and Colonel Race review potential suspects in the murder of Linnet and the motives behind the killings. Many are questioned, including Fleetwood, who was involved in potential bigamy with Marie prior to Linnet’s marriage, Mr. Pennington, who eagerly wanted Linnet to sign documents without reading them, and even Mr. Ferguson. It turns out there were no obvious suspects. Later, Mrs. Allerton says she heard a splash and some running. On his part, Tim’s observations were similar, but adds there was a cork pop, which in hindsight could have been a shot.


It appears solving Linnet’s murder is a complex challenge. Some passengers could have heard the sound of a gun and mistook it for the popping cork of a champagne bottle. The blurriness of the passengers’ memories yield no solid clue or lead.  None of the passengers expected a murder to happen on the steamer hence it becomes difficult for them to remember the events of the night of the murder. The mystery seems to deepen as to who carried out the murder, hence making the work of the investigators quite difficult.

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