Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie
Contributed by Sharen Felty
Chapter 16

The two detectives question Marie Van Schuyler about the murder, and stated that she heard the maid enter Linnet’s cabin before sensing someone on the deck, and followed by a sudden splash. She also noted it occurred around 1 a.m., and that she stood up and gazed through the window just in time to see Rosalie drop an unknown object into the water. The ship’s manager enters the room holding a wet velvet, within which was a small pistol. Poirot immediately identifies it as the same pistol he had seen with Jackie, as it has ornaments and the initials ‘J.B.’. The pistol is wrapped in Van Schuyler's stole, which had gone missing the night before. The murderer used it to muffle the sound of the shot.


The murder investigation gathers pace. While the velvet belongs to Van Schuyler, the pistol was Jackie’s. From the surface, it appears like these two individuals were involved in the plot to assassinate Linnet. However, Van Schuyler insists her stole went missing on the eve of the murder. There seems to be some headway to the investigation, based on the accounts of those interviewed. It seems that the murderer was keen on framing others, based on the fact that miss Van Schuyler’s stole has been used.

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