Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie
Contributed by Sharen Felty
Chapter 18

It is Mr. Pennington’s turn to face the investigators. Colonel Race records all the details he can collect from the suspect, compare notes with the evidence they have collected so far, and determine the likely motives for the murder. Poirot, on the other hand, is interested in knowing why the pistol was thrown overboard, believing that it holds the key into unraveling the murder mystery. Race gives Poirot a case analysis where all the statements have been analyzed and suspects indicated. The main persons of interest in the case are Fleetwood, Mr. Pennington, Rosalie, and Van Schuyler; and the motive of the death is indicated either robbery or a grudge against Linnet Ridgeway’s family. Colonel Race knows Poirot is trying to hint something to him, but he does not understand what.


Poirot believes that Linnet must have been drugged prior to her murder, an explanation he associates with her lack of resistance at the time of the murder, and only Dr. Bessner and Miss. Bowers had access to the sedatives. However, they both have alibis at the time the murder was committed. It is also evident that Mr. Pennington is hiding something, as he seems very keen on implicating Jackie. Poirot’s reaction shows that he is finally getting some clues about how the murder occurred.

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