Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie
Contributed by Sharen Felty
Chapter 25

Mr. Pennington is quite shocked that his gun is the murder weapon. Colonel Race indicates to him that he is in trouble, especially if there is no witness who could account for his whereabouts at the time of the shooting. Mr. Pennington, however, explains that many people on board knew that he had a gun, as he had indicated to not so long ago. However, Cornelia and JackieJa are wondering how a killer could have left without anybody noticing.

Mr. Ferguson overhears this conversation and tells Cornelia that she should take death easily, just like the oriental people do. He further feels that probably no one cares about the three deaths that have just happened. It is also during this conversation that Mr. Ferguson asks Cornelia for her hand in marriage, but she turns him down as she feels that his proposal, and ways of thinking, lack seriousness. Mr. Ferguson then approaches Marie Van Schuyler and makes his intentions of marrying Cornelia known, who immediately disapproves of him because of his social status. Poirot, however, explains to Van Schuyler that Mr. Ferguson is in disguise and he is actually young Lord Dawlish, who actually has high social status and plenty of money. Poirot then gets into deep thought, nods his head, and mutters that, ‘it all fits in’.


Mr. Pennington’s reaction, when he is interrogated about the use of his gun, leaves the reader wondering if he is the murderer. The detectives, however, believe that Mr. Pennington may have left his gun unsecured, or had given out too much information, and possibly resulting in someone else having access to it. Van Schuyler’s reaction to Mr. Ferguson, before and after she learns he is disguised as poor and lowly, goes to show that she is simply after social status. Van Schuyler further does not want anyone in her family to marry anyone from a low social status. Poirot’s reactions at the end indicate that he is finally putting the pieces together and understanding how the murders happened, and who may have initiated the same.

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