Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie
Contributed by Sharen Felty
Chapter 27

Poirot tells Colonel Race privately that although Mr. Pennington had a motive to kill Linnet, he believes that Mr. Pennington was not bold enough to act. He considers finishing the conversation with Simon about the telegram, as well as questioning Tim, before wrapping up the investigation. During this time, Poirot tells Tim that his friends at Scotland Yard had informed him of a scheme about jewel thieves who switch the genuine item for imitations. Tim admits switching the real pearls on the night of Linnet’s murder, but refuses to admit participation in the murder itself.


Poirot has done his investigation well and discovered that Mr. Pennington is not guilty. It is clear that Tim knew something about the murder. He admits stealing Linnet’s pearls on the night of her murder. Poirot is closing in on him. Here, one begins to understand the reason why Tim was very keen on introducing himself to Linnet. Tim saw Linnet as a wealthy woman who had a lot of jewelry that he could scheme and steal. One however wonders if Tim killed Linnet to access her pearls.

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