Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie
Contributed by Sharen Felty
Chapter 3

Tim Allerton introduces himself to Linnet — who is accompanied by her husband, Simon, and her trustee, Mr. Pennington — who insists that she must meet his mother. As they speak, Mrs. Allerton introduces them to Poirot, who has just come into the restaurant. As Poirot passes by, Mrs. Otterbourne asks him to join her and her daughter, Rosalie, who seems upset. Moments later, the swing doors open, and a lady comes in and goes to sit directly across Linnet and starts observing her. Mrs. Otterbourne seems to recognize the lady as she comments, “She seems to think she is somebody. That girl!” Linnet seems uncomfortable and changes her position; and, so too, does the lady. Subsequently, Linnet and Simon takes their leave. The lady, of course, is Jackie.


There is gloom throughout this chapter. Rosalie is destined to spend most of her time caring for the sickly mother, undermining her chances of finding true love. For Linnet, this is the first time she confronts her former best friend, Jackie, over her betrayal — whose demeanor is an indication of her craftiness, since she is determined to ensure that neither Linnet and Simon gets any peace. This chapter sets the tone for the beginning of Jackie’s jealousy towards Linnet, and the fact that she is willing to go any length to make sure that Linnet does not find peace. As indicated, Tim is very fond of his mother hence the insistence that he must introduce Linnet to her. Rosalie’s mood is an indication of her nature and the fact that she is not happy with constantly having to care for her sick mother.

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