Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie
Contributed by Sharen Felty
Chapter 31

The steamer docks at Shellal port early at dawn. Richetti is arrested, and Simon apologizes to Jackie for confessing to their murder plot. She bends down as if to tie her shoelaces, before removing a gun and shooting Simon dead. Jackie then looks at Poirot, and aims the gun to her own chest. Colonel Race tries to stop her, but she pulls the trigger and falls dead. Mrs. Allerton comes forward and asks Poirot if he knew everything, and he explains that Jackie had a pair of pistols.


Jackie and Simon are replicas of the famed Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet. They are lovers, whose condition cannot allow them to live together on Earth. They must die to have a chance to live together in another world. Poirot and Colonel Race have worked hard as a team and their investigation draws to a close. But as much as Jackie and Simon die in love, two other couples — Cornelia/Dr. Bessner and Tim/Rosalie — find love on the steamer. The end of the trip also marks the end of the case.

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