Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie
Contributed by Sharen Felty
Chapter 6

Poirot now turns to Simon, asking him to take a walk around town. During the stroll, Simon asks if Poirot was successful in talking sense into Jackie’s head, due to his concerns about how she thought his moving-in with Linnet was because of money. He tells Poirot that it would be wrong for anyone to think that he was influenced by such. Poirot makes it clear that it was harsh of Simon to cancel his engagement with Jackie, and quickly moving on and marrying Linnet. Finally, Simon explains how it was by coincidence that he and Linnet found out that Mr. Pennington would be on their trip. Poirot claims that he has had three versions of the story, and wonders which one is closer to the truth.


Poirot conducts what can be described as shuttle diplomacy, by attempting to find a solution to the impending catastrophe. Once again, he lets one of the greatest players in the conflict aware of his mistakes and the responsibility he must carry as a result. The motivators for romantic relationships are also examined. Simon’s conversation with Poirot is an indication that he is also not comfortable with Jackie following him and Linnet around. Simon however does not seem to see anything wrong with the way he treated Jackie hence Poirot quickly reminds him that the way he hurriedly left Jackie was wrong. It is clear that Simon is so focused on Linnet, as if he wants to get something from her. Mr. Pennington’s presence on the ship raises an eyebrow as one wonders whether he is following Linnet to see her moves.

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