Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie
Contributed by Sharen Felty
Chapter 7

Linnet and Simon take a boat ride in an attempt to throw Jackie off their plans for a cruise on the Nile River. Poirot meets Mrs. Allerton at Elephantine Museum, where she goes ahead and asks Poirot about Simon, but he fails to answer. They discuss the nature of crimes that the hotel guests could get themselves involved in. Mrs. Allerton suggests that Jackie could kill somebody because of how frighteningly intense she can become. Poirot feels that anyone could be a potential criminal if they are given the right incentives. They feel that Simon would commit an easily detectable crime, while Linnet would easily sentence people to death. Poirot explains to Mrs. Allerton that the main motives for murder can be hate, fear, love, revenge, and beneficence. Various people are leaving the hotel to board the steamer. To get to the steamer, they first catch a train from Cairo to Luxor. On the train, Poirot finds himself in a compartment with an elderly lady. A clumsy young woman sits next to the lady. The old lady refers to the young lady as Cornelia, as she gives her instructions.

They all leave town by train, hoping to catch the steamer. When Jackie appears walking behind them, the mood suddenly changes. Linnet approaches Poirot and confesses that she is very scared, since everyone hates her apart from Simon. This is triggered by the fact that Linnet did not expect Jackie to be on the steamer. Linnet feels that she cannot escape Jackie.


Jackie seems like a pestering itch that will not go away easily. Despite concerted efforts to stay away from her, Linnet and Simon cannot possibly figure out how to escape Jackie’s shadows. The Doyles are desperate; they seem to be at her mercy. The steamer now consists of all the protagonists and stakeholders in the duel between Jackie and Linnet.Linnet seems to be very disturbed by Jackie’s presence and she senses danger. Her confession to Poirot that she is scared is an indication of her prediction that something may go wrong. The chapter further introduces Cornelia Robson, who is one of the key characters in the storyline.

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