Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie

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Sharon Fleming

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Agatha Christie
Year Published
Crime Fiction
Crime Fiction
About the Title

Death on the Nile is a fictional story by best-selling author, Agatha Christie, under her Hercule Poirot novel series. Christie?s story is inspired by a trip she took to Egypt, where this is reflected in the setting of the story and the main characters. The title is a depiction of the murder cases that happen while Hercule Poirot vacations in Egypt. Hercule Poirot is an investigator who hails from Belgium, and known for solving many difficult cases. He finds himself in the middle of two murder mysteries as he sails up the Nile River.

Death on the Nile features Linnet Ridgeway, and her best friend Jacqueline (Jackie) de Bellefort, who is engaged to Simon Doyle. Linnet secretly starts dating Simon, where their relationship eventually becomes known, and their subsequent marriage. Jackie is angry and decides to show up everywhere the newlyweds visit, just to harass them. In a twist, Hercule Poirot, while vacationing in Egypt, happens to board the same steamer as the trio does. Aboard, Jackie shoots Simon; and on the same night, Linnet gets shot in the head as she sleeps. Poirot takes up this case with his friend and colleague, Colonel Race. As the investigations go on, two more people, Linnet?s maid, Louise Bourget, and one of the passengers, Mrs. Otterbourne, are also shot and murdered. Poirot eventually identify the murderers as the steamer returns to port, and justice is achieved.

Agatha Christie?s Death on the Nile can be quite captivating due to the multiple conspiracies playing out in the murder mystery. The author takes time to deeply focus on the set of characters, so that the reader becomes familiar with them, and, subsequently, have an idea of who the suspects may be as the murder mysteries are being solved. Death on the Nile is a portrayal of how great a writer Agatha Christie was, and why most of her books earned their respective best-selling status.

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