Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie
Contributed by Sharen Felty

James Cudney (Goodreads) Review

James Cudney gives the book a rating of 4 out of 5. According to Cudney, Death on the Nile is one of Agatha Christie’s better writings because of the characters created (Cudney, 2016). All the characters have a certain mystery behind them. The story adds in some archaeological history, hence creating a great cultural storm in the story. According to James, Poirot is at his best, because he puts aside his holiday and dedicates his time to resolving the murder mysteries. Poirot can, however, be annoying. James further feels that the lower- and upper-class depictions, at times, crosses the line in Death on the Nile. He also feels the same about the romance since the love lives of some of the characters are intertwined. Agatha Christie also gives so many cues, which makes it fun to guess. Cudney also feels that the film adaptation of Death on the Nile is great, as it shows the different personalities captured in the book. Cudney believes the book is a great beginner to Agatha Christie’s Hurcule Poirot novel series.

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