Don Quixote
Miguel de Cervantes
Contributed by Jerrold Mcmenamin
Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Prologue–1-Chapter IV


Cervantes strikes a humble pose, claiming that he hasn’t invented the character of Don Quixote but rather discov...

1-Chapter V–X

Chapter V

A laborer discovers Don Quixote collapsed beside the road and brings him home on his mule. Don Quixote recites ch...

1-Chapter XI–XV

Chapter XI

Don Quixote and Sancho spend the evening with a group of goatherds. As they eat and drink together, Sancho becom...

1-Chapter XVI–XX

Chapter XVI

Instead of admitting that Don Quixote took a vicious beating from a group of Yanguesans, Sancho claims to the i...

1-Chapter XXI-XXVI

The First Part, Chapters XXI-XXVI

Chapter XXI

Don Quixote and Sancho come across a man riding a mul...

1-Chapter XXVII–XXXI

Chapter XXVII

The priest and the barber take their costumes and go with Sancho to seek Don Quixote and try to bring him hom...


Chapter XXXII

I shall never be fool enough to turn knight-errant. For I see quite well that it’s not the fashion now ...



Don Quixote’s lecture expressing the view the knights are superior to scholars continues. The audience is...

1-Chapter XLVI–LII

Chapter XLVI

The priest calms members of the Holy Brotherhood by making them understand that Don Quixote is mad and cannot ...

2-Dedication-Chapter VII

The Authors Dedication of the Second Part

Cervantes dedicates his novel to the Count o...

2-Chapter VIII–XV

Chapter VIII

Cervantes states that Cide Hamete Benengeli blesses Allah before starting his account of Don Quixote and Sanch...

2-Chapter XVI–XXI

Chapter XVI

Sancho is confused regarding the identity of Knight of the Mirrors and the Squire of the Wood. His master tires...


Chapter XXII

Sancho and Don Quixote depart for Montesinos Cave with Basilio’s cousin. Basilio’s cousin is an author of ...

2-Chapter XXIX–XXXV

Chapter XXIX

Don Quixote and Sancho make their way to the river Ebro, where they discover a fishing boat. Don Quixote sees ...

2-Chapter XXXVI–XLI

Chapter XXXVI

Sancho lets Duchess see the letter he wrote to his wife to share the news about his governorship. The Duchess...

2-Chapter XLII–XLVI

Chapter XLII

The Duke and Duchess are pleased by the reactions Don Quixote and Sancho show to the encounter with the Counte...

2-Chapter XLVII–LIII

Chapter XLVII

On the first day on his supposed isle, Sancho goes to bed still hungry. He discovers that a physician there w...

2-Chapter LIV–LX

Chapter LIV

The dishonorable farmer’s son that seduced Dona Rodriguez’s daughter, and whom Don Quixote intends to chall...

2-Chapter LXI–LXVI

Chapter LXI

Don Quixote and Sancho arrive in Barcelona with a great following. They are the guests of Roque Guinart’s fri...


Chapter LXVII

Don Quixote begs Sancho to whip himself to break Dulcinea’s enchantment. Sancho, however, declares he does ...

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