Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
Robert Louis Stevenson
Contributed by Fernande Huls
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Character Analysis
Dr. Jekyll

This is the elderly gentleman at the center of the story who struggles with the dual nature of his personality. Although very kind and friendly to his friends, Dr. Jekyll has a dark side which he chooses to express in the person of Mr. Hyde. Although he valiantly tries to keep Mr. Hyde bottled up inside, eventually the dark side of his personality wins out, threatening his well-being and even his life.

Mr. Hyde

This is the small man who commits the heinous acts of brutality and murder throughout the story. Mr. Hyde is created when Dr. Jekyll drinks a special chemical solution, subsequently turning himself into this other creature. Mr. Hyde is hated by everyone he meets, even at first glance. Although they can’t name it, those around him sense something profoundly evil about his demeanor.

Mr. Utterson

This man is the main protagonist of the story. Utterson is a lawyer but also a personal friend to nearly all of the other characters, and helps crack the case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The story is told from his perspective and the reader soon realizes that he’s a fair, honest, good-natured man. Utterson is described as possessing a rugged countenance, yet somehow being lovable.

Mr. Enfield

Enfield is the friend of Utterson who goes on weekly Sunday afternoon walks through town. On one such walk Enfield tells Utterson about Mr. Hyde and the strange house he has the key to.

Dr. Lanyon

Lanyon is the friendly, elderly doctor who helps Utterson solve the case when he describes the letter given to him by Jekyll. Lanyon is the one who witnesses Jekyll’s startling transformation to Hyde.


This man is Dr. Jekyll’s long-time butler and friend of the family. Poole’s main role is to help Utterson break into Jekyll’s laboratory near the end of the story when he suspect’s foul play. He is described as a "well dressed, elderly servant."

Sir Danvers

He is the parliament member who is so ruthlessly slaughtered by Mr. Hyde while the maid watches in horror from the upstairs window. This murder causes Hyde to go into hiding for several months.

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