Bram Stoker
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapter 1

Dracula opens with passages from a diary kept by Jonathan Harker, an English lawyer, specifically a solicitor. The diary records his time traveling...

Chapter 2-4

Chapter II

While Jonathan Harker stands outside Count Dracula’s imposing castle, he wonders what kind of situation he has...

Chapter 5-7

Chapter V

Chapter V is comprised of a diary entry and several letters. In England, Mina Murry and Lucy Westenra, her friend...

Chapter 8-9

Chapter VIII

Mina awakens on August 10 to find Lucy’s bed empty. In an attempt to find Lucy, she goes outside and discove...

Chapter 10-11

Chapter X

Holmwood and Seward are worried about Lucy’s worsening health. Van Helsing arrives and finds Lucy alarmingly pa...

Chapter 12-14

Chapter XII

Seward’s diary entries again become the focus of the narrative. We read that when Van Helsing and Seward get ...

Chapter 15-18

Chapter XV

Seward finds Van Helsing’s suggestion that Lucy could be responsible for the attacks on children to be appalli...

Chapter 19-21

Chapter XIX

The men go to Carfax. They are armed with holy objects that will protect them. They see no indication of Dracul...

Chapter 22-25

Chapter XXII

In Harker’s journal, we read about the end of Renfield’s story. Prior to escaping the asylum, Dracula goes...

Chapter 26-28

Chapter XXVI

While on the train from Varna to Galatz, Seward writes an entry in his diary. He talks about Mina’s trances,...

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