Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover


Sharon Fleming

Chapter 1

In the First Chapter, Westover describes a memory of a story told by her father when she was only five years old. Westover, together with her brother and sister, acted the events in the story in which a mother carrying a baby was shot and died. In the play, they aimed to show the challenges that women experience while taking care of their children. She also goes on to narrate about a Biblical scripture that her father read to them as a family, one year later. The scripture described the prophecy of Immanuel, who would be born. In relation to the prophecy, Westover’s father read that “…butter and honey shall he eat” (Westover 1). This implied that Immanuel would eat the food (butter and honey) and from it learn about good and evil. The play and the scripture made a big impression on Westover in her young life.


In this chapter, Westover uses the play, and the story read by her father to introduce the character of her family. Westover’s mother was suffering the same challenge that many women around America were experiencing. She did not have a strong voice in her house and, therefore, had to follow through the ideas provided by Westover’s father without questioning them (Westover 3). Westover also acts as Messiah to her family, as a result of the education that she received later on in her life. It is through the formal education that she would receive later on in her life as shown in the book that she would help to create strong ties in her family.

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