Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 10

Right from the beginning of this chapter, the author presents the disappointment that her father had when it dawned on him that January 1st, 2000 had arrived and no form of annihilation had come upon the people. The author states that “When January 1 dawned like any other morning, it broke Dad’s spirit” (Westover 92). The world was as it had been and electricity was still there. Telephones were functioning normally.

Westover’s father would sit in front of the television for hours waiting for the fulfilment of his prophesy regarding the end of the world to no success. Westover’s mother organized a trip for them to go to Arizona in hopes that it would provide her husband with a new and cheerful environment to distract him from his disappointment. Her wise idea, as always, did the trick as the Arizona sun was able to cheer up Westover’s father. While in Arizona, the father reprimanded Westover’s grandmother for taking chemotherapy stating it showed a complete lack of faith in the healing that she could get from God. Even though his prophecy of judgment day was not fulfilled, he still maintained his religious beliefs and faith in God.


This chapter relates Westover’s father’s faith with the prophecies he had earlier on regarding the end of the world. Despite the fact that his prediction did not come true by 2000, Westover’s father is still presented as a staunch religious believer with unshaken faith. He does not hold disappointments for long and is ready to defend his religious belief (Westover 95). The faith is well depicted by the fact that he reprimanded his mother for continuing to seek chemotherapy treatments. He saw such action as a clear indication that his mother lacked trust and faith in the Lord. Thus, he was committed to ensuring that his family had a higher belief in God.

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