Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover


Sharon Fleming

Chapter 11

Westover recalls an experience she had with her brother in Arizona as they tried to tame wild horses that their grandfather had set loose many years back. By this point, the horses had multiplied. It was a tiresome process in which the author and her brother consumed a lot of time chasing the horses. They tried to show the horses that they cared for them and were not interested in harming them. The horses eventually trusted them and allowed them to stroke their faces. Westover and her brother intentionally “tried not to name them” (Westover 98) so they would not develop any sentimental attachment to the horses. Doing so would impede on their ability to train the horses better.


The chapter demonstrates the care that Westover and her brothers, Luke and Richard, held towards animals (Westover 101). They believed that they needed to be patient with the horses. This would enable them to improve upon the level of interactions that they had with such wild animals. Through this experience, they learned the best strategies for domesticating the horses.

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