Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 14

In the chapter, Westover states that in October of 2001, her father won a contract to construct modern granaries in Malad City. “It was a big job for a small outfit—the crew was just Dad, Shawn, Luke, and Audrey’s husband, Benjamin” (Westover 122). It provided the family with an opportunity to make some good income to meet their needs and boost the quality of their life.

 As Westover worked mostly during the night, Tyler called her one day to ask if she was studying for the ACT but she told him she was not as she did not know math. Tyler reprimanded her saying that she had money and could, therefore, buy books and learn. Although Westover’s ambitions were not geared towards college as she expected to be married by the time she reached the age of nineteen, Tyler was able to motivate her to try and study.


It is evident that both Tyler and Westover respect one another and able to share their ideas towards boosting their situation effectively. The interaction between Tyler and Westover appear to be one that is of great benefit for both parties. Tyler was aware of the rough environment that his sister lives in, especially when she is in constant contact with her father (Westover 125). He, therefore, believes that he can motivate her to go to college and have a chance to make the best life out of her situation. It is through this move that she was in a position to rise above the life that she was brought up in.

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