Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover


Sharon Fleming

Chapter 15

By the winter of 2001, Westover’s income had grown to the point that she had attained a level of independence. While listening to her father testifying about how her mother was a healer, what Westover no longer felt dependent on her parents. Instead, she regarded herself as a full grown woman who could adequately handle her own life. She states that she, “…no longer sat, childlike, at her father’s feet” (Westover 132). She was, therefore, keen to attain the level of autonomy that would be important in making her make independent decisions regarding her own life. It is at this point that she started questioning many things that her father had taught her earlier in her childhood. For example, he had taught her that there were truths, and there were less, but nothing in between. She determined that there was no future in her father and the beliefs he had put in her mind.


This chapter mainly presents Westover as a woman who is growing and slowly being liberated from the brainwashing that she had experienced over the years as a child under her father’s preaching. Westover realizes that she has a significant role to play in improving her situation and ensuring that she can make her own choices. She no longer wants to be considered a child and is keen on adopting ways and methods which will enable her to make decisions based on her own reasoning.

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