Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 17

In this chapter, the author details what she regards as a new phase in her life. Westover states, “On New Year’s Day, Mother drove me to my new life” (153). Her mother was taking her to her to her college campus where she would go to study. She had just a few of her possessions with her to fill her small apartment which was about a mile south of the campus. She had never spent more than a few hours in any city before, and her ears had become accustomed to silence. In the city, when people talked, the author could hear every sound individually. Westover felt that no place in the city was quiet and she had to try hard to get accustomed to her new situation.


The chapter shows the effect that change and a new environment can have upon an individual. A new environment is normally a refreshing moment that enables a person to reflect on his or her past experiences. Thus, Westover’s new college life is a foreshadowing of the bigger changes that were going to occur in her life in the coming years. More importantly, it was going to provide her with the exposure that would help her in the future. For instance, she would have a chance to interact with people from different cultures (Westover 155). She would also learn how to deal with city life. She later would find that the city was not as noisy as she had initially felt. Thus, she would become comfortable living in this type of environment.

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