Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover


Sharon Fleming

Chapter 20

In Chapter Twenty, Westover provides information regarding Charles, a friend she had met in her neighborhood in Idaho. She indicates that he was the first friend that she had in her new world of education. Charles was a person her father had previously tried to protect her from. This is because he was “conventional in all the ways,” and her father despised conventionality in all its senses (Westover 174). Charles talked about football and bands more than he would speak of the “End Days.” Westover felt elated in her interactions with Charles, owing to the great freedom that he had.


This chapter highlights the interactions that Westover had with other parts of the society while she was studying in the city. For instance, her association with her friend, Charles shows that there was more to life than just talking about religious matters like the “End of Days” (Westover 177). This enabled her to have a deeper understanding of the world. Due to these interactions, she learned to have more in-depth conversations with people from diverse backgrounds.

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