Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover


Sharon Fleming

Chapter 21

This chapter recounts events right before Westover returned to BYU. Westover’s father paid her for the work she had done at the junkyard, and although he did not give her all the money that he owed her, it was enough to cover half of her tuition fee. She then spent her last with Charles. Although it was a Sunday, she did not go to Church as she was suffering from an earache. Charles called her, picked her up, and took her to his place. Charles gave her pills for the pain, something she had never heard of before. “This is what people take for pain,” Charles said as he gave her the pills (Westover 184). She eventually took the pills after objecting to taking them at first. Charles was able to show that it was normal for people to take conventional drugs when ill and nothing terrible would happen to them.


In this chapter, we see Westover’s friendship with Charles begin to grow. She describes some of the practices that she has been used to growing up, which are different from what was typical for others like Charles (Westover 184). Charles is able to show her that there is a way that she can improve her quality of life by choosing to do what her father has continuously held her against doing. In this way, she gradually gets exposed to new conventions that she was not familiar with in her childhood.

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