Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 22

Westover provides insights into several events which took place at her family’s home right after she had visited the home of Charles. She climbed to the top of the junkyard to find her mother making a Thanksgiving meal. Her brother Shawn was in a bad mood and was staying away from other people in the room which was typical of him (Westover 187). He happened to be irked by the close friendship that Westover had developed with Charles. Shawn suggested that Charles “standards aren’t that high.” This implied that Westover had stooped too low by having a close association with a person who was not so serious about religion. Westover, on the other hand, was quick to defend herself against both the verbal and physical attack from Shawn by warning him to leave her alone.


This chapter demonstrates the segregation that people impose on others because of their religious differences. Some of Westover’s family members were dissatisfied with the notable changes that appeared to be taking place in her life (Westover 190). She was becoming more conscious of the fact that their father had misled them to some extent. She was ready to make right the wrongs that she had done during most of her childhood. Given the outright objection that was raised by Shawn, it was evident that it would not come easy for her to seek a better life.

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