Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover


Sharon Fleming

Chapter 26

In this chapter, Westover opens up about her father’s sickness after being a victim of an explosion in the junkyard. Her father could not leave his bed unless one of her brothers carried him. He had enemas and had to pee in a bottle. While the family hoped that he would get well and live, they feared that this condition would turn out for the worst. Westover recalls that “all we could do was wait, and soon it felt as though everything we did was just another form of waiting” (Westover 223). They waited for him to change bandages as they fed him to go back to the right state of health. She also remembers that it was hard to comprehend that her father had slumped into such a condition that negatively affected her mother.


The chapter presents the emotional ties that exist among people of the same family. Despite their differences, Westover was saddened when the father was injured in the explosion. It shows a family that is united by love in grief.

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