Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 29

After completing the short course program at Cambridge, Westover went back to BYU to continue with her studies. She states that “Campus looked the way it always had, and it would have been easy to forget Cambridge and settle back into the life I’d had there” (Westover 244). However, she did not settle into the life in BYU as she had anticipated because she was invited by Professor Steinberg of Cambridge to apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship which would provide her with full funding to study at Cambridge. The scholarship would include tuition, room, and board. She found the invitation to apply for a scholarship funny as she never expected to qualify for it but, after some thought, she still went ahead and applied. She states that she was shortlisted for the scholarship and attended an interview for it at St. Johns College in Annapolis. Her efforts paid off as she was ultimately awarded the scholarship as the third BYU student even to win the Gates Scholarship.


Education occurs in a wide range of ways. The higher one climbs, the more the person is likely to meet people who are bound to be of great impact on their knowledge and experience. It is evident that the experience received at Cambridge was important for Westover since it played a significant role in her admission to the university with the Gates Scholarship. The experience at Cambridge College provided her with the chance to interact with Professor Steinberg who encourage her to apply. The chapter also shows the importance of commitment when it comes to improving an individual’s ability to prosper in education. It also shows Westover’s spirit in that she had to rise above ignorance to develop and grown her status in life.

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