Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover


Sharon Fleming

Chapter 3

In Chapter Three, Westover talks about the life of her mother, Faye. The author points out that her mother was the daughter of a mailman. Faye grew up to be adorned with the most beautiful dresses in her neighborhood since her mother was a seamstress. In this regard, the life of Westover’s mother, “…had an air of intense order, normalcy, and unassailable respectability” (Westover 24). This made her gain much respect from people around her which she enjoyed throughout her life until she started her own family.


The love that Westover, as shown in the chapter, covers up the harm that is conducted upon her and her siblings. Their father does little to expose them to the civilized world. Therefore, even though their father is supposed to show them the right way of life, it is evident, in this chapter, that Westover and her siblings interacting with people who have been exposed to formal schooling even though they also need more than just proper clothing. Westover’s father does not seem to guide her children in a manner that they can grow to succeed in the modern society.

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