Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover


Sharon Fleming

Chapter 32

The chapter details the experience that Westover had while visiting Buck’s Peak Idaho to see her grandmother. “It was autumn and Grandma-down-the-hill was dying” so she needed to be with her (Westover 274). Her grandmother had battled with bone marrow cancer for nine years. Westover had just learned that she had gained a chance to study a PhD at Cambridge when she received a letter from her mother stating her grandmother had yet again been admitted to the hospital (Westover 274). The letter also stated that it could be the last time Westover would need to go back home quickly. Her grandmother died at the hospital just a few days after Westover had returned home to see her.


The death of Westover’s grandmother showcases the power of family, especially in moments of distress. Westover was able to quickly return home per her mother’s request despite being all the way in England (Westover 277). She was fully aware of the great pain her parents had been experiencing at the time when her grandmother died. Although she had just received important news about winning a Ph.D. scholarship at Cambridge, she immediately flew back home to be with her family.

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