Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover


Sharon Fleming

Chapter 34

In this chapter, Westover recounts the interaction she had with her father when he visited her in England, and she complained to him about Shawn’s behavior. They met at the Chapel within King’s College. Audrey had confronted Shawn about his behavior, and he had retaliated by threatening to shoot her. Westover had planned to address this with her father.  “I was there to relay information, to tell Dad that Shawn had threatened Audrey” (Westover 284). She was fully confident of the capability of her father to act on such an issue and knew how well he would handle it. Her father, however, asked Westover to provide proof that Shawn had threatened to kill Audrey. He told her that she was only interested in seeing Shawn rotting in prison for something that he never did.


The situation that unfolds in this chapter shows the patriarchal interaction that Westover’s father had with his children. Even though Westover confided in him that Shawn had threatened Audrey, he could not believe it and, instead, asked for proof from Westover (Westover 289). The father was only interested in protecting Shawn instead of trying to establish how serious the problem was likely to be and, therefore seek to develop the specific ways in which he could reprimand his son for such misconduct.

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