Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 35

After falling out with both her father and brother, Westover felt threatened going home to the mountain. In fact, she had to flee the mountain altogether and was not able to retrieve any of her belongings. Her bags were half-packed. She then went to Salt Lake City where she spent the rest of the holiday with Dre, her friend. She could not forget the first night. Though she had managed to escape death by running away from Shawn, it had been very close, and she felt agitated by the situation. She managed to close her journal and hold off from recording the events of her life for the first time in fifteen years. “Journaling is contemplative, and I didn’t want to contemplate anything” (Westover 290). She needed some time alone to refresh her mind. Later on, she returned to Cambridge but stayed away from her friends. She also recalls an email and a phone call in which Shawn threatened to kill her saying that he was still deciding whether to do so himself or to hire an assassin to do it.


From the events in this chapter, it is evident that there was no love between Westover and Shawn. To top it off, he was harassing her with threats of killing her (Westover 294). He appeared to be more possessed by the ideologies that were imparted in his mind by his father over the years. It was difficult for him to see clearly through his issues and he instead had made a personal vendetta against his two sisters, Audrey and Westover.

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