Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 39

In this chapter, Westover recounts the experiences she had in the Spring season after quitting her Ph.D. Her goal at the time was to reflect upon her life. She was in Idaho and drove towards the edge of the Bear River. It is from that point that she looked out over the river basin and saw a patchwork of evergreen fields in the area. Westover heard the Princess (a spirit that she felt within her inner self) beckoning her (Westover 320). At first, she could feel the anger in the Princess for leaving her alone. However, Westover, later on, realized that she had misunderstood her; “She was not angry with me for leaving, because leaving was a part of her cycle.” The Princess was actually happy to see her. She states that the role of the Princess was to celebrate the buffalo when they return but not to punish them. She was thus happy to see herself talking to her inner being and appreciating what she had accomplished.


This chapter shows that Westover appeared to have been distanced from her inner desires. The fact that she had quit her Ph.D. studies meant that she had the chance to recollect her inner self especially with regards to her desires in life (Westover 322). She had to recognize that hard times would come and go. Visiting the Bear River was important to enable her to recollect herself and gain the strength to face life ahead of her.

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