Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover


Sharon Fleming

Chapter 6

In Chapter Six, Westover recalls how her family got smaller as some of her siblings started living on their own. Despite their father’s objections, Tyler had enrolled in college. “The winter after Tyler left, Audrey turned fifteen.” Audrey went on to look for a driving license. She had worked several jobs including flipping burgers and milking cows. The money that Audrey earned over time enabled her to rise above the many restrictions that her father had put upon her. With the money, she even managed to buy a car. Audrey was motivated to move away from her home and start a life of her own. Through such actions, she would manage to run away from her controlling father.


This chapter demonstrates a series of oppositions by some of the Westover children in response to their father and his ideologies. Tyler and Audrey were in complete objection to their father’s doctrines and decided to pursue their desires, irrespective of their father’s opinions (Westover 57). Audrey believed that to attain some respect from her father; she had to find her own money. The situation would, therefore, enable her to rise above the restrictions that he had established in her life. Luke and Richard, on the other hand, appeared to be in complete agreement with their father, particularly regarding what the father always advocated for.

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