Educated - A Memoir
Tara Westover


Sharon Fleming

Chapter 7

Westover describes a rainless summer day in which Luke, her brother, fell following an explosion which left his leg injured. On that particular day, she was at home with her mother, father, and Luke. Her father and Luke used to search for fuel in a junkyard. They moved from one car to another checking the tanks for fuel and draining whatever was left. Her mother left to pay another woman expecting a complicated pregnancy a visit to Utah. As she was stacking dirty dishes in the sink, she heard a high pitched scream from Luke, indicating distress. She quickly ran out and found Luke writhing in pain. “Parts of the leg were livid, red and bloody; others were bleached and dead” (Westover 67). He told her that a can of fuel had exploded and burnt his leg. She quickly fetched ice and applied it to his leg to help ease the pain and initiate the healing process. Her mother arrived and took over caring for Luke until he seemed okay.


The story in this chapter clearly depicts the Westover family’s closeness, especially in dealing with the challenges they faced. Westover took the responsibility of taking care of Luke when he got burnt at the junkyard (Westover 69). She used the little knowledge she had regarding pain treatment to help him and ease his pain. Westover’s mother was also imperative in taking care of Luke until he was fully recovered.

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