Enders Game
E. M. Forster
Contributed by Pearl Vahle
Chapter 11

Ender has his first battle and first victory as a commander against Rabbit Army, commanded by Carn Carby, someone who earns Ender’s respect for not getting angry at him for being excellent. The victory was swift. In the commander’s mess hall, a group starts forming around Bonzo, and Ender sense that they are planning to do something to him. Ender tells Dink that winning is a habit, which angers Dink. Dink responds that he (Ender) is a threat. Ender replies that the game doesn’t matter, something Dink told him two years earlier.

The next day, he battles the army he left less than a month before, Phoenix, commanded by his friend. Petra. Most armies have a month between battles, but it is obvious that Ender is not worried. Again his army wins, but not quite as soundly. Petra is angry after the battle, she is humiliated.

After one full week of battles, Dragon was undefeated, 7-0. The most difficult battle was with Petra, but commanders are furious about his success. They begin tormenting him in non-verbal ways, and Ender is reminded of Peter’s bullying. He deems it threatening, but ultimately harmless.

Ender, bored at the ease with which his army wins and amused at how other armies imitate him, begins to watch the videos of how humans, led by Mazer Rackham, defeated the Buggers. "Most of the vids were a waste of time. Heroic music, closeups...But here and there he found useful sequences... So it was from the Buggers, not the humans, learned strategy." Chapter 11, pg 188 Again, Ender drew crowds trying to emulate him, but none got the right lesson, and he volunteered nothing.

Graff and Anderson talk to Ender, and Ender says that he was given a group that can do what he asks. When asked about the videos he watches, he responds honestly - he is trying to learn strategy. " ’Those videos were created for propaganda purposes. All the strategies have been edited out.’ ’I know.’ Graff and Anderson exchanged glances again." Chapter 11, pg 191 When they inquire about the Fantasy Game, Ender says that he won. Graff continues questioning, and Ender gets annoyed: "You want to make me the best soldier possible. Go down and look at the standings. Look at the all-time standings. So far you’re doing an excellent job with me. Congratulations. Now when are you going to put me up against a good army?" Chapter 11, pg 191 They hand him a slip of paper.

They set Dragon up against Salamander Army, and Bonzo has had extra time to prepare. Dragon soundly defeats them. Ender is visibly angry at how easy it is to win, and breaks proper victory procedure. With Salamander waiting to be unfrozen after the battle, Ender asks Bean for a proper strategy that Salamander should have used. Bean responds quickly and easily. Ender yells at Major Anderson to find someone who can cheat intelligently, and leaves.

As Ender exits, he realizes that this break of proper surrender procedures means that Bonzo’s sense of honor would be further bruised. Bonzo would now be so wrathful as to make him want blood. Ender then relaxes: "The teachers got me into this-they can keep me safe." Chapter 11, pg 195

Ender calls Bean into his quarters. He confides in Bean that he is tired, and doesn’t want to be clever anymore. Bean is surprised. He and Ender agree to allow him to lead a special forces toon, as Bean was not assigned a toon. Bean can choose five people to help him. Bean’s team is to do advanced maneuvers and training, under Bean’s sharp mind and control.

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