Enders Game
E. M. Forster
Contributed by Pearl Vahle
Chapter 9

The voices at the chapter’s beginning (one of them Graff) are shocked at the fact that the Fantasy Game (or "Mind Game," as the adults call it), which they do not control, automatically pulled a current picture of Peter from Earthside. Apparently, the game knows something about Ender. The voices agree that Peter is dangerous, and are scared of what outcome this may have on Ender.

This chapter returns to Ender’s siblings. We know a year has passed because Valentine celebrates Ender’s eighth birthday. Peter has become a model student, on the surface, but Valentine sees the splayed and skewered squirrels in the woods behind their home and knows better.

The two begin discussing world politics. There are two major powers in the world united, through a shaky agreement, by the threat of the Buggers. One the one side is the American Hegemony, and on the other is the Russian "New Warsaw Pact." Peter suspects there is something happening in the bugger war, because he has figured out the troop movements of the Russians. Valentine, intrigued but nervous talks with him about this and their ability to influence world affairs. As the two talk, they discuss their own excellence and how, on the nets, they are anonymous and can influence politics. all they need is their father’s permission for "citizen’s access." Valentine sees through the sugarcoating and cuts to the chase, "What do you tell him, I need citizen’s access so I can take over the world?" Chapter 9, pg 129

Peter responds as honestly: "I’m going to rule, Val... But I want it to be something worth ruling... A Pax Americana through the whole world." Chapter 9, pg 131-2 Convinced, they earned access, and Peter and Val started playing as adults on the nets. As they became more experienced, Peter hatched his plan: each would take on one identity, apparently completely disconnected. They would comment on political affairs and become influential. Peter would be Locke, the statesman whose opinion is measured and compassionate. Valentine would be Demosthenes, the rabble-rouser who moves people to action. Peter knew that this was counter to their opinions, but also made sure his identity would have power.

Demosthenes quickly gets picked up by a regional newspaper on the west coast. Peter is frustrated, but Val assures him that rabble-rousers gain audiences, but little respect. What frustrates Valentine is that Demosthenes has an avid reader in her father. Locke later gains a wider audience in New England.

A year again has passed, and at Battle School, Ender is still the best there is. He is a toon leader in Petra’s Army, Phoenix. Dink is finally a commander, of Rat. What he hated was how other players, who treated Ender as a peer a few years ago, now treated him with revered respect. They don’t play with him. By virtue of being the best, being an obvious leader at Battle School, he again is alone.

Valentine receives a visit from Colonel Graff at school. He asks her to write a letter to Ender, because he is depressed and not living up to his ability. He asks her to console the way she did before he left home. When Ender receives the letter, reassuring him that he is not Peter, he is not cruel, he becomes angry - the adults asked her to write this one, while all the others didn’t come through. It was still fake, though it was still from her. "She was one of them now." Chapter 9, pg 151

Ender wept openly and started playing the Fantasy Game, as he had done so many times in the past two years. Ender was angry because the adults asked her to tell him he was not Peter, which meant they were analyzing the game. Instead of killing the snake on the floor, Ender’s character kissed it. It became Valentine. It led Ender to the mirror, where for two years Ender saw Peter’s face, and they saw a dragon and unicorn in the reflection. They mirror fell away, and he had finally escaped the End of the World, with Valentine.

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