Extreme Ownership - How US Navy SEALs Lead and Win
Jocko Willink and Leif Babin
Contributed by Larisa Brooke
Chapter 9

This chapter is set in the Ramadi area, with the described events revolving around the rescuing of a hostage who had been kidnapped by the insurgents. Babin narrates how missions like this are sometimes difficult to execute because of the fact even though they are the enemies to kill, there is also the innocent victim to save. In the recent kidnapping cases that had happened in the area, the terrorists tortured and killed the hostages and, in some cases, they went on to kill them despite the families paying the ransom (Ranade, 2016). The cruelty of the terrorist necessitated Babin and his teams to come up with a plan and instigate as soon as possible.

The plan had to be developed from the intelligence the troops were receiving from the teams in charge of this information. They had located the area and confirmed the target was in the enemy controlled area, and thus it would be a bit difficult to save the hostage. Regardless of these dangers, it was still important for the troops to participate in the mission. They developed a plan that was strategic in maximizing the success of the mission, while minimizing the assault and casualties on their part.


Prior to any mission. The team must analyze the prospects of the mission succeeding or failing. They should also check on the resources at their disposal to help them in their mission, and scrutinize the factors that can pin the mission down as well as the risks involved. Babin says that understanding the mission is very vital to any leader. This will help in imparting the information to key frontline leaders of the mission. He says that it is important to have a simple mission that its objectives can easily be understood and explained.

Babin says that it is important for leaders to utilize all resources that are allocated towards the mission, and count on the expertise provided by the subordinate leaders. He advises them to delegate some of the responsibilities so as to have few responsibilities left to them.

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