Fear - Trump in the White House
Bob Woodward
Contributed by Larisa Brooke
Chapter 12

Woodward starts by affirming that the biggest challenge to national security McMaster will face is the looming issue of North Korea and the threat of nuclear weapons that may harm the US and the rest of the world in various ways. With this information, the author embarks on telling the reader the extent of the challenge. He claims that the issue has troubled the nation for a decade now, and Obama wanted to deal with the problem before he left office (Woodward 89). This came after a nuclear test was conducted by North Korea and affirmed by Ri Chun-Hee. The writer also discusses the current president of North Korea and his father, the former president. Woodward claims that Kin Jong Un deals with failure better than his father who used to kill the scientists who failed him.

The author also talks about the cybersecurity issue surrounding North Korea. He claims that the country has been using cyberspace to conduct several attacks, including stealing money from various banks around the world (Woodward 94). Apart from that, Woodward mentions the cyber-attack directed at Sony after the company released a movie titled ‘The Interview’, depicting a planned assassination of Kim Jong UN (Woodward 93). The author informs the readers that Trump is always ready to negotiate with North Korea and that Clapper seems to think that it is possible to make peace with North Korea considering that Germany and Japan were once enemies with the US but now they have a working relationship. The US even has a working relationship with Vietnam in spite of the countries recent past. (Woodward 92).


The writer decides to detail the history of the North Korean threat, concerning the delicate issue of nuclear weapons since it is the biggest threat to security. This topic comes at this point considering that there is a new national security adviser and it is his responsibly to deal with the threat. Woodward writes about Obama’s experience as well as those in office before Obama as it was difficult for them to solve the issue. North Korea only seeks to have an upper hand or a bargaining chip that will help deter or intimidate the US. The issue of cyber-crime comes up in the chapter as it represents the modern type of threat that affects many nations. Having the cyber advantage seems to help North Korea in various ways, they can control online content as they see fit while using the strategy to inflict fear on others. They also access and steal various things like money from others through cyberspace, using these resources to enhance their military effort. Trump is reasonable as he does not object to negotiating with Kim Jong Un, perhaps showing that he believes that peace can prevail between the two nations. The attack on Sony indicates that North Korea does not tolerate those who try to paint an unwanted picture of the country and on their tyrannical president.

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