Fear - Trump in the White House
Bob Woodward
Contributed by Larisa Brooke
Chapter 21

John Dowd accepts to represent the President in the investigation launched by the FBI. Dowd has an impressive record having represented various individuals and groups (Woodward 147). The investigation is hitting Trump hard and he believes that the investigation is unjust, considering that he turned Mueller down for a job in the past and their relationship has never been strong. Comey also makes a comment saying that Trump wanted him to drop the Flynn case. In return, Trump protests that he has never told Comey so, and his outrage makes Dowd believe that he is telling the truth. Despite that, Dowd knows that it does not mean that Trump is innocent. He thinks that the investigation might be due to political motives (Woodward 148). Despite that, the President is willing to cooperate with the investigation, and Dowd meets Mueller and expresses the president’s desire to cooperate. Trump wants to get the investigation over in the fastest time possible (Woodward 150).

Although Trump agrees to cooperate, the investigation is overwhelming him. It is consuming most of his emotional energy, and he keeps claiming that he has done nothing wrong (Woodward 152). He also says that he cannot do his job as the President since his hands remain tied, so much so that he cannot even do anything that seems to favor Russia or Putin (Woodward 152).


John Dowd is a person who cares a lot about his professional record and accomplishments. This is the reason that makes him accept the job of representing the President. He wants to wrap up his career with the biggest case available in the US, a case that he truly believes he can win. Trump accepting to cooperate may even be a sign of his innocence. Although he tweeted during the campaigns about Russian operatives retrieving Clinton’s deleted emails, it is not enough evidence to show that he has a relationship with Russia. The investigation overwhelms Trump and he is constantly afraid that some other scandals may arise due to the investigation.

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