Fear - Trump in the White House
Bob Woodward
Contributed by Larisa Brooke
Chapter 25

Marc Kasowitz tells Trump that Porter is a significant hire. Trump also seems impressed with Porter. Therefore, the president tells Porter to always report directly to him instead of reporting to Reince (Woodward 176). Woodward also shows Trump’s obsession with Twitter. The president likes presenting his ideas as well as mocking/criticizing through tweets, and he often calls Twitter his megaphone (Woodward 176). He tweets mocking MSNBC cable show Morning Joe presenters. Some White House officials think that they should always vet the tweets before posting. However, Trump ignores any advice and continues to broadcast his opinions. Trump’s ignorance is shown in this chapter with Woodward writing about when Trump met Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, inviting him into a highly secure room, a SCIF, full of classified US information in. A meeting that resulted in the whole room being torn down and started again (Woodward 178).

Several months later, Turnbull visits Trump. Cohn is sure that Turnbull will raise the issue of the steel tariffs since Trump said that he would exempt Australia from the tariffs. Simply, Trump says that he will deny ever saying that and Cohn brands him a professional liar (Woodward 179). However, Trump agrees that he remembers his words during the meeting with Turnbull, and this leads to Australian exemption from the tariffs.


Porter is an exceptional man who does good work in the White House. With Kasowitz acknowledging how well Porter is performing, Trump shows his gratitude by giving Porter the clearance of reporting to him directly. This act shows that Trump is appreciative of good work, but he also needs someone to suggest or push him into acting. The President’s behavior on Twitter confirms that he is a free thinker who believes in free will. He is not afraid of voicing his ideas even if they are hurtful to others. In addition, he ignores his staffs’ concern about the heavy use of social media, claiming that Twitter is his megaphone.

Trump’s ignorance continues when he invites Turnbull to the SCIF, flying in the face of procedure and security clearances. Trump might have wanted to show Turnbull the nature of resources held by the US thus affirming the country’s superiority. However, his action of affirming the deal on steel tariffs for Australia shows that the President values friendship and alliances. Clearly, the President understands that he needs more friends than enemies, and the trade surplus from Australia is a boost to the US economy.

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