Fear - Trump in the White House
Bob Woodward
Contributed by Larisa Brooke
Chapter 3

Bannon goes to Trump Tower on that Sunday night. He expects that he will find many people there since it is serving as the campaign’s headquarters (Woodward 32). To his astonishment, there is only one person in the room, Andy Surabian, the war room director. Bannon subsequently demands to see Jared and Ivanka, but the couple are on a vacation off the coast of Croatia with Wendi Deng (Woodward 33). Manafort calls Bannon and asks him to meet him in his office. Bannon goes to meet Manafort who shows him a copy of a draft story coming from The New York Times headlined “Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief” (Woodward 33). The draft says the Manafort had received $12.7 Million from the pro-Russian political party. This discovery astonishes Bannon who advises Manafort to tell Trump the truth face-to-face before it appears in the paper. However, time runs out before Manafort can talk to Trump with the article appearing in the papers the next day, resulting in a furious Trump (Woodward 34).

The author says that only 70% of Republicans are for Trump, an unfortunate realization as they need 90% (Woodward 34). He also claims that Bannon wants to know that RNC will stick with Trump. Priebus affirms that RNC is not going anywhere and it will support Trump to the end. The author also discusses the strategy used by the campaigners to win over voters, mainly by convincing those who are most likely to vote for Trump (Woodward 35). He also mentions that Bannon insists that Trump needs to use a ‘compare and contrast’ strategy with Hilary Clinton so that he can win the race.

Woodward mentions ‘the hidden Trump voter’ strategy used by the Republicans. This is going to help them identify all the voters who want to vote for Trump but have some hesitations (Woodward 36). Conway and Bannon believe that if they make the race about Hillary instead of focusing on Trump then they will win. In addition, Bannon lays down some time-oriented strategies. He also identifies the winnable states and those that will return to supporting the Republican party. Manafort leaves following the scandal with the papers having a field day, Time magazine running a cover illustration of Trump’s dissolving face headlined “Meltdown” (Woodward 37).


It is clear that Bannon is eager to work on the campaigns considering that he goes to Trump Tower the same day he meets Trump at Bedminster. Bannon is an optimistic individual, evident in his expectation of finding a busy and bustling war room. However, when he only finds one person there, he comes to the realization of how disorganized the campaign currently is. The act of offering Manafort relevant advice concerning the issue of the money from Ukraine, shows Bannon’s readiness to offer help to all willing individuals. He is also a non-judgmental individual since he never jumps into a conclusion after hearing Manafort’s story.

The polls, given by the author, are a clear indicator of how Trump is falling behind He is facing a disaster even within in his own political party with the Republican’s failing to recognize him. Therefore, seeking the affirmation of RNC’s presence is relevant, as they really need the support, perhaps more than ever. Bannon also continues to lay down effective strategies portraying his idealist mind. It is evident that he understands the political game well, even more than many experienced individuals do. Conway is also an idealistic individual considering that she finds a way of increasing the number of Trump’s voters. The phrase she creates helps the candidate, and it enables the hidden voters to overcome their reservations and doubts, thus increasing the chances of winning the election. The continued ridicule of Trump by the papers shows that many reporters are against him and are making necessary efforts to paint him in a bad light.

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