Fear - Trump in the White House
Bob Woodward
Contributed by Larisa Brooke
Chapter 30

At a press briefing in the lobby of Trump Tower, the president answers some questions on Charlottesville. He reuses his statement from Saturday and adds to it, saying that there are two sides of every story. In short, he is blaming both sides for the violence that happened (Woodward 208). Different people and military groups tweet their opinions showing that they stand against racism and violence. In addition, various individuals resign from Trump’s American Manufacturing Council showing their disappointment in the President. As usual, Trump attacks them all on Twitter calling them ‘grandstanders’ (Woodward 209). Some of the people who resign include Kenneth Frazier, Campbell Soup and General Electric. Gary Cohn also goes to see Trump at Bedminster, carrying his resignation letter. He asks Trump if he watched the video and the President denies watching it. Trumps tells Cohn that he will watch the video and they can talk after that (Woodward 211).

The next Monday, Cohn arrives in the Oval Office to find that Ivanka, Kelly, and Trump are present, almost immediately, Cohn makes it known that he has come to resign (Woodward 211). Trump portrays his frustration and his words seem paranoid. He does not want Cohn to leave before working on tax problems. Cohn eventually promises to stay but he lets in known that he feels like he has to say something to the people. Later, he voices his opinion on racism during an interview with the Financial Times (Woodward 212).


This chapter indicates Trump’s true nature as a man and as a leader. The president rejects the counsel of many individuals and chooses to follow his mind. Instead of making the situation better for everyone, his hurtful words seem to create a conflict between people, dividing them along racial lines. This is both embarrassing and disappointing especially when it comes from the President. The law allows for peaceful demonstrations but placing protestors in the same vein as racists is wrong. Even the military forces retaliate against Trump’s statement, proclaiming their own opinions and concerns about the issue. Additionally, other people decide to resign from governmental positions, cutting off their ties with Trump. The way the President handles the situation portrays his egocentric self, a man ignorant enough to have pride even after creating chaos.

Moreover, the reaction Trump shows after Cohn comes to resign affirms his frustration. The President can clearly see that his words may dismantle his government and he needs to act accordingly. It is for this reasons that he voluntarily allows Cohn to give a statement. In addition, he understands the Cohn is the best man to handle the tax reforms, and he cannot just let him go. The author means to show his audience that Trump still understands his role in the government including sensitive issues such as taxes.

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