Fear - Trump in the White House
Bob Woodward
Contributed by Larisa Brooke
Chapter 8

President Obama gives directions to his intelligence chiefs to produce a report that will expose the Russian interference with the elections. The findings will be presented to the ‘Gang of Eight’ in Congress and to Trump. The intelligence chiefs know that Trump will see the action as an act of challenging and disputing his victory, but they agree to speak in one voice (Woodward 66). Earlier, John Brennan had called James Clapper to inform him about a dossier that detailed Russian efforts in trying to manipulate the elections to help Trump over Clinton (Woodward 66). The dossier contains multiple pieces of information that portrayed Trump as a man who had a connection with the Russians. Despite the reports, the FBI and the CIA have to open an investigation before presenting the allegations. Nevertheless, they summarize the document and present it to Trump whose response indicates that the document is not trustworthy (Woodward 68).

Trump is angry at these accusations and tries to defend himself. Conway also appears on CBS and disregards the news as false. Trump calls the situation a “political witch hunt” (Woodward 68). Clapper and Comey arrive at Trump Tower to meet with the President-Elect. There, Clapper summarizes the key judgments with regard to the Russian involvement in the manipulation of the elections. Later, Comey talks to Trump in private, informing him about the prostitution allegations (Woodward 70). This in turn upsets Trump, who claim’s that he has never needed a prostitute, a copy of this dossier later appears online published by BuzzFeed (Woodward 71). Nonetheless, many individuals, including Woodward, think that the document is false, justifying Trump’s anger.


The issue of Russian involvement occurs during Obama’s term as president and he has to take appropriate measures. The issue surrounds the elections and it affects both presidential candidates. In addition, the people have the right to know the truth about the matter, and it is better to conduct an official investigation rather than hide information from the public. On the other hand, although the dossier may have some truth in it, intelligence chiefs need to carry out detailed investigations before presenting any of the document’s content. It is wrong for them to present unverified information to the president.

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