Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Part 1-1

Old age habits are determined by what people do as children. During their youth, people develop different ways in which they respond to societal expectations. While some may conform to these, others reject them and do not become the basis on which they are judged. Consequently, these habits manifest into adulthood and shape how people react to different situations. Hollis describes how her online audience admonished her for spending little time with her family. Most of them considered her actions to be inappropriate for a woman. In response, she began to do her things in secrecy, apologized to her audience, and behaved in a manner that conformed to their expectations. It was not until she attended a motivational talk that she stopped caring what other people said about her, and truly living the life that satisfied her. At the same time, she realized that her goals would only be achieved if she stood her ground and made decisions that were not influenced by other people’s expectations.


The message from this chapter is very clear: women mind what other people think of them. The societal expectations keep women in their cocoons, preventing them from chasing their goals. For instance, women are expected to take care of their family; when they spend hours working, they are branded as bad mothers or wives. For a woman to succeed, she has to develop a thick skin and ignore what other people say. Women should not fear talking about their ambitions as their happiness is not dependent on other people’s views, but on how well they realize their dreams.

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