Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Part 1-2

In this chapter, the author speaks to women who live believing that they cannot have goals — an idea that Hollis disagrees with wholeheartedly. Some women fail to pursue their goals due to the fear of failing. Hollis argues that women’s dreams are unique and may depend on the lifestyle and background of the individual, and that having goals brings a sense of purpose in life. People’s minds conceive even greater ideas once they start working towards achieving something. According to Hollis, a simple step towards realizing a dream helps a person discover new things that eventually help them shape their goals better. She also believes that any achievement, no matter how big or small, brings satisfaction and makes a person feel more accomplished.


Looking into this chapter, it is evident that every woman is capable of setting goals, though some choose not to. Some women need a wake-up call to realize their full potential — which, when reached, will lead to them doing things they would never imagine themselves capable of. Hollis stresses that it is wrong for women to live hoping that things will get better  without them actually working on their goals, and points out that realizing them brings great satisfaction. In essence, Hollis tells every woman that they have great potential and should not settle for a purposeless life.

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