Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Part 1-3

Hollis starts by first acknowledging that time is a rare resource and nearly everyone in the world feels time-pressed. However, she argues that every woman should make time for the things they want to achieve, and further narrates how she would always make time to do “her things” when being an employee. For instance, Hollis would use her “after-work” hours to build skills needed for the company she always wanted to start, and is in spite of the fact that she would leave her office feeling exhausted and in need of rest. She also shares four ways in which a person can be organized and ensure that they have enough time for their plans — which include:

  • Making a timeline for the imminent week and finding areas where personal plans can be slotted in;
  • Sticking to personal schedules;
  • Scheduling the most important activities during the hours when one is fresh — for instance, during morning hours; and
  • Planning schedules weekly so that one can prepare in advance.

Time is an important yet limited resource; thereby, planning helps a person use their time more appropriately. It is important to prioritize tasks so that the most important ones are worked on first. This way, people may avoid stress and hastiness that could compromise quality of work. According to Hollis, it is key to always make time for the things we deem important because waiting to find time will most likely make one fail to accomplish them. In essence, having good plans is what helps a person use their time more effectively. One key planning tactic involves organizing and scheduling activities in their order of priority, which ensures that each task gets sufficient time.

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