Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Part 1-4

Hollis starts this chapter by narrating how she sometimes have thoughts of herself not being “good enough” to defeat her challenges — just as how many people tend to think of themselves. She goes ahead to explain how these thoughts subconsciously affect a person to the extent of demotivating them from chasing their dreams. Hollis also writes about her many achievements despite being a mere holder of a high school diploma, while arguing that people are actually hired because of their skills, and not because of their academic portfolio. Hollis argues that our fears make us feel inadequate to succeed in whatever we set out to do when, in fact, we can achieve everything that we set our minds to.


People tend to underestimate their capabilities, which prevents them from exploring their full potential. Hollis asserts that women should believe in themselves and confidently chase their dreams. In reality, everyone has the ability to achieve what they want if they set their minds toward achieving it. A person’s abilities is limited by the fear of the unknown, as well as a tendency to mind too much of the opinions of others. Hollis is telling women to ignore negative opinions from others, and instead focus on realizing their dreams. Every woman should feel confident about themselves, and the skills they already possess, even as they seek to improve themselves further.

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